See your life beyond recovery.

I was crying out with desperation.

Help came through Jericho Recovery Centre.  They took me in and helped me develop the character needed to fulfil my gifting.

-Former Service User

I realise now what matters and have the will to fight for it.

-Former Service User


Our aim is to empower people to live their lives free

from addiction, through gaining a healthy understanding of purpose and identity, to see their lives beyond recovery, filled with meaningful relationships.

The Primary Program 

Primary treatment at Jericho Recovery Centre is a minimum of 6 months. 




Substance Abuse
Group Therapy

Jericho's effective methodology and evidence driven care, work to establish renewed understanding, responses and behavior.

'People do what they do, because they believe what they believe.'

Christian faith based - and universal treatment principles address the root of problems, like denial, minimizing, catastrophizing or mixed feelings about lifestyle changes  required to support a healthy thought narrative and a sustained, substance-free lifestyle.

Jericho's experienced, skilled counselors have a true heart for the individual and employ a personalized approach every step of the difficult journey, increasing the odds that treatment will succeed.

Confidential and comprehensive.

Individual counselling  follow the acclaimed 12-step program.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a curriculum with strong emphasis on life skills, is backed by years of top quality research.

Mindfulness training prevail as we teach how to recognise and deal with unhealthy thought patterns and potential triggers.

Teachers apply a practical approach when teaching from personal experience, referencing their struggles, applied know-how and ultimately, their victories. 



Active participation in the program's daily schedule, promotes productivity and the experience of community contribution. Completing tasks, taking responsibility and group dynamics are keys in healthy responses to normal pressure.

& Accountability



Life Coaching

Transition back into normal society is facilitated with the co-development of a comprehensive reintegration and relapse prevention plan. 

Jericho's primary care program deals with past ruin, rebuilding and establishing new responses and behavior. An optional, certified life coaching component provides additional one on one planning and preparation for the future.