Frequently asked questions

How long is the Jericho Program?

The primary JRC program, that include individual counselling, group therapy and class sessions is a minimum of 6 months. Long-term programs have shown to be more effective, in allowing subtle learnt behaviors to surface and to establish renewed understanding and behavior. Sponsors have the opportunity to communicate with the assigned counselor weekly to consider progress. If additional time on program is advisable, the topic will be discussed.

How does the intake process work?

During a brief telephone interview, the situation is assessed. Next, admissions paperwork is completed and if space can be allocated, a date for admission is agreed on. A current, clear of Covid-19 test result is required 24 hours before arrival. On arrival, every new intake undergoes a brief period of supervised quarantine. The main JRC facility employ strict precautionary measures in keeping every resident safe of possible exposure during this Coronavirus pandemic. Please refer to the general information document regarding to what may be brought into the facility or not.

Why do new intakes need to be quarantined and what about Covid-19?

Aligned with governing measures and for the safety of everyone in our care, JRC actively employ strict preventative measures during this Covid-19 pandemic. On arrival, every intake undergoes a period of monitored quarantine, at a location away from the main facility, to screen for any possible symptoms. Covid-19 rapid tests are done on arrival and again at the end of quarantine, negating any possible window period. In the case of a positive test result - protocol apply. At the JRC facility, strict protocals are in place, including no unauthorized contact, special procurement measures and no visits to the state clinic. Staff and residents are well informed and avidly follow strict pre-cautionary practice.

Fees and JRC banking details

6-Month primary program fees are in brief: R11,500 payable monthly in advance Once-off administration cost: R1,500 21-Day program: Jericho Recovery Centre offers a 21-day program tailored exclusively for medical aid benificieries. Please speak to your intake coordinator for more information. For all payments, except tuck-shop allowance: JRC BANKING DETAILS: Hope Again Recovery Centre FNB Cheque Account no: 6278 490 4065 Branch code: 255 355 Swift Code for International Clients: FIRNZAJJ As reference: SERVICE USER's NAME & REASON FOR DEPOSIT For tuck-shop allowance: THE TUCK SHOP ABSA Cheque Account no: 4096 5137 18 Branch code: 632 005 As reference: SERVICE USER'S NAME

What happens after the program is succesfully completed?

A comprehensive reintegration plan is co-developed and agreed on by the service user and family/sponsor. We strongly advise family and supporters to, while their loved-one is in rehabilitation, prepare for the future by attending a drug support group, cell group meetings and sessions with a skills counselor, who can help prepare and walk a road with the recovering member.

Does Jericho admit males and females?

JRC considers both male and female adults (over the age of 18) for admission. During primary treatment, men and women are kept strictly seperated so as not to be side-tracked from their own recovery.

Is there access to phones and WiFi?

The primary treatment phase allows no access to personal devices. This allow for time to focus on one's own therapy and to avoid unwanted elements. New arrivals are limited to sending one - and receiving one email per week. During the next phase, scheduled phone calls are allowed, while conditions do apply. Generally, the writing of letters is encouraged.

Can I study while on program?

We have several people who have decided to extend their stay after primary treatment, to further their studies and accreditations online. This is conditional and can be discussed with the assigned counselor toward the end of the primary program.

Can family visit?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, no visits or leave is considered. In lieu of this, JRC arranges virtual meetings. More details of the process can be obtained when the service user becomes eligable for such.

I am on prescribed medication - how does that work?

JRC has full-time, on-site medical staff, maintaining medical assesments, dispensing prescription medications and OTC medication as needed and tending to medical incidents. Jericho works closely with acclaimed psychiatrists, psychologists, general and specialist medical practisioners. Note that medical expenses and related transport costs remain additional expenses and are billed seperately. OTC medication and incidentals are processed through the service user's tuck shop fund. Transport to and from appointments are billed seperately, in advance.

Is there a tuck-shop?

The tuck-shop at the JRC facility is independantly operated and have available a variety of snacks, toiletries, stationary and other day-to-day consumables. Within reason, a resident is welcome to request a special item from town. Kindly note the seperate banking details: The Tuck Shop ABSA branch code: 632 005 Cheque Account: 4096 5137 18 As a Reference please use: CLIENT NAME Deposits for tuck-shop allowances are kept on-hand digitally, service users may not hold cash. No refunds apply to allowance deposits. Deposits into a wrong account remains the responsibility of the depositor.

Is JRC profit driven?

No, JRC is not profit driven. Jericho Recovery Centre operates as a Non Profit Organization and is registered as a Public Benefit Organization. The management of JRC answers to a board of directors and maintain a practise of accountability and transparency. All surplus funds are allocated to program subsidies, community impact projects and infrastructure improvements.

Is Jericho involved in any community projects?

JRC's social work department measurably impact local communities through awareness campaigns for example the 'Addicted to Life' and 'Choose Life' campaigns. During the coronavirus pandemic, outreaches like supporter's group meetings and the weekly soup kitchen, remain deferred.

Are there any recreational activities?

Recreation and creativity is important to the Jericho culture. Free-time include activities like hiking, running-club, gym sessions, various sports, horse grooming, movies and arts and crafts, music nights and special events.

What if my loved-one is unwilling to be admitted for rehabilitation?

In a case that involunatry admission /court order is needed, we would introduce you to an experienced private social worker, that can facilitate the process. When involuntarily admitted, successful completion of a long-term treatment program, does not result in a criminal record. Your social worker will be able to advise you on any legal ramifications.

I do not believe in Jesus - will the program still work for me?

While JRC is a solid, faith based organization, the principles we teach apply universally and your belief in Jesus is not mandatory. Kindly note that christian events form part of the schedule and attendance is required.

May I send my loved-one a package?

With the pre-approval of the assigned counselor, sponsors are welcome to send care-packages to their loved-ones. All packages are searched for contraband before a resident may receive it. Please refer to the admissions info document for what is allowed to be sent or not. The postal address for packages is: Jericho Recovery Centre care of PostNet Bethlehem NAME OF RECIPIENT 15 Baartman Street Bethlehem 9701

How does JRC relate to the Hope Again Recovery Group?

Jericho Reovery Centre is incorporated and management operate under the accountability and covering of the Hope Again Recovery Group's executive board.