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Jericho’s vision is to empower people suffering from substance abuse and related

dysfunctional behaviour to make a success of their lives.


Jericho views recovery not as a destination but a journey. At Jericho we believe in a holistic approach. Jericho aims to change clients’ lifestyles where they leave the centre having found their purpose and become productive members of society.

THE PROCESS Primary Treatment Phase (a minimum of six months)

  • Men and women are kept separated during this phase so as not to be side-tracked from their recovery.

  • A faith-based Twelve Step curriculum is part of the programme. Clients do up to Step Five in this phase.

  • We also do Belief Therapy which is based on the premise that ‘people do what they do because they believe what they believe’. In other words, if you change your beliefs you change your actions.

  • There are group and individual therapy sessions. Clients see their Counsellor once a week and their Social Worker on a regular basis.

  • Therapeutic duties are also part of this phase and include the following: cooking, laundry, gardening, landscaping, maintenance and taking care of the animals.

  • Recreation is a vital part of the programme. We offer soccer, volleyball, gym, hiking, swimming, cross-fit, and horse riding for the physical well-being of the client. 


  • New clients are allowed to send and receive a one page email per week.

  • Upon completion of Step One – Denial (usually within 4 to 6 weeks), the client is allowed to receive phone calls. Phone calls are for a duration of 5 minutes. Two phone calls may be received over the weekend and one phone call may be made on a Wednesday evening. Emails are discontinued once a client receives phone calls.

  • The writing of letters is encouraged to start reconciliation and restoration within the family structure wherever possible.


  • Based on merit, after 3 months on the programme, the client is usually allowed on a long weekend visit with the parents / sponsor.

  • Parents / Sponsors are encouraged to attend an empowerment seminar wherever possible, to ensure a more cohesive relationship. An intervention will be done with the social worker and the family before the weekend.

  • Feedback from the weekend is also sent via email to the Social Work Department and kept on file.

  • The client must complete and sign a weekend relapse prevention plan and stick to it, for the duration of the weekend.

  • After 5 to 6 months, the client should be in the position of completing their Moral Inventory.


  • To ensure a smooth transition from Primary Treatment, all clients complete a comprehensive Reintegration / Relapse Prevention document.



  • The minimum duration of the programme at Jericho is 6 months,

  • based on a study by the World Health Organisation done in 2009, which revealed the following startling results:

  • All short term treatment programmes, 3 months or less had 95% relapse rate within two weeks of departure from treatment.

  • We believe that the longer one stays in treatment the stronger one will be.

  • Hence the motto: “The Longer the Stronger”.


  • All clients are pre-screened telephonically and via email before arrival.

  • This is to prevent any unnecessary problems during treatment.


  • Screening is done so that we have a basic case history of any client who may have a dual diagnosis.

  • Another important thing to note, is that should a patient be on any prescribed medication,

  • that all scripts and medication are current and available upon arrival of the client at the centre.


  • All clients who arrive on the programme go through a thorough body and bag search, as security is a top priority.

  • All clients are assessed by the nurse shortly after arrival and if it is found to be necessary

  • an appointment will be made with a General Practitioner.

  • Everyone goes through an induction / orientation document, within 48 hours of arrival.

  • This document gives the client a good idea of how the system works and what to expect.


  • All clients will see the social worker and be assigned an addictions mentor / counsellor. The counsellor will be assigned at a case conference with a multi-disciplinary team.


  • Please contact us for more information about our fee structure.


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