Kingdom Mentality

May 28, 2017

Dereck shared the message this morning.
Kingdom mentality.
The life of Saul was used as an example of how someone who seemed to have it all and was chosen by God through the Prophet Samuel blew it.
He was anointed.
He was appointed.
He was called.
He was equipped.
In spite of all this he ended up with a severed relationship with the God who called Him.
He mistrusted God.
Lack of trust is the main cause of failed relationships.
The relationship was broken because he looked to a medium to try and tap into the supernatural.
He turned to a witch at Endor and tapped into evil supernaturalism.
He was carnal minded and not kingdom minded.
The result was he never kept Gods word and looked for a worldly psychic solution for his problems.
The Epitaph of King Saul
Here lies a disobedient king.
Lost faith in his God.
Tried witchcraft.
Never achieved his potential.
Killed by his enemies.
Repent, change your way of thinking in such a way that your actions change. 
In conclusion we all challenged to to repent!

We all examined our hearts while Dr Thumi sang the beautiful song Without You.
The words say "I am nothing without You as You are the air that I breathe.
In You we live and have our being."

The picture below was taken at the ordination at Damascus ministries about 2years ago. How time flies.



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