Ability to Dream

July 30, 2017

Lourens Message – Ability to Dream
One of the hardest things for me to do in the process of changing my life was getting back my ambition and ability to dream. I cannot dream for you nor can you dream for me. I can see all your potential, but if you don’t dream it yourself, your life will not change. The ability to dream is what changed me and it’s the same thing that will change you. Years into my recovery, I was still labelled as a failure by others and by myself. I couldn’t dream for myself. My identity that I had was the last mistake I’d made. If I made a mistake again, I’d feel worthless and alone. I gave people opinions to form about me by my actions and behaviours. My mistakes, shortcomings and failures defined me. What’s your identification right now? How do people refer to you? People will form their opinions about you no matter what. But when you start getting the ability to dream, what opinions others have about you won’t matter because you’ll be focusing on your dream and going for it. Your motive to change may be to keep others happy and to look good i.e. for someone else. When does it become for you?
Coming to rehab sucks but this could be your destiny moment that launches you into your future. Unless you stand up and say: ‘here I am count me, I make a difference’, you will live the same life as everyone else. If your dream’s bigger than everyone else’s, people will follow you. When you criticize, you’re wasting energy from focusing on living your dream. Criticism robs you and it’s easy to become critical because we naturally put ourselves in the victim stance. Influence your own life, take the first step. Every change takes the first step. Your life cannot change if it’s comfortable. You don’t choose your destiny moment, it chooses you, but you can miss it. Are you in your destiny moment now? It could be one of them and there are many to come. As you’ll see for example in scriptures that follow. In 2 Samuel 23:8 David’s warriors were up against loads of men, they were outnumbered. The odds looked bad for them. But they followed instruction. In 2 Samuel 23:21-22 Benaiah struck down two of Moab’s mightiest warriors, he also went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion and then killed a huge Egyptian. You only know what you’re capable of doing something once you’ve done it. Benaiah’s name is recorded as one of the mighty men because of these acts. If he hadn’t done them he would not be recorded as a mighty man. In 2 Samuel 23:23 we see that David put Benaiah in charge of his bodyguard and then later in 1 Kings 4:4 we see that Benaiah was made head of the army. This was all a result of Benaiah taking his destiny moments head on - taking action. You choose to act in your destiny moments. You know when they are and they take courage to act in. It’s not going to be comfortable and it probably won’t be ideal, but do it. God’s plan for your life is huge. 
Genesis 1:26-28 God dreamed / planned to make man in His image and likeness to rule over all the creatures on the earth. Then in Genesis 2:7 He did form man. God had the dream and purpose before He physically went and made man. So, start dreaming again, focus on your dreams and take action in your destiny moments to fulfil them.



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