The difference between your personality and persona.

August 20, 2017

Today’s Message from Louw de Beer: The difference between your personality and persona
God provides things for us even before we know we need them. God has given each and every one of us a purpose. He’s created us for a purpose. God created people because He wanted relationship. Humans have free will that they can choose to accept or reject God’s love. Your purpose is to have relationship with God. Sin desires to suck you in and keep you down. God has given each one of us an identity but yet sometimes we don’t know who we are. The Word of God was established in the heavens and it doesn’t change. God thought us into existence. You don’t come from here, you come from Him, and you are only going to be here for a while. When asked who you are, what is your answer? Most people start with their name or what they do, but you are a child of God. You are no longer a slave to fear because you are a child of God and therefore always perfectly taken care of and looked after if you accept Him. 
Your persona is your true identity in Jesus Christ; it extends far beyond what you can understand in your natural / carnal mind. It’s the ability to step outside of your natural restrictions into your full identity in God. God has given each and every person their own unique name. You have to accept Christ to become a part of God’s family. In the Song of Songs it says that His banner over us is love. Your persona is how God and heaven sees you and all your resources are allocated to your persona in order for you to live a perfect and abundant life. All life emanates from God and ultimately belongs to Him. Your personality is shaped by what you’ve experienced in life. By everything that people have told you and the beliefs you have established in your mind. Each man is drawn away from God by his own evil desires. Our personalities limit our God given spiritual capacity because they are based on our own strengths and limited understanding. We do stupid things and then we convince ourselves it’s a good idea. Our belief systems rub off on others and we cluster ourselves with other people who think like us. We need to break away from unhealthy relationships and thinking and reunite with God, stop justifying your dysfunctional behaviour, change your thinking and start believing in who you really are.
When we operate from our persona, God wants us to do things that don’t always make sense, the spiritual way seems foolish to the carnal mind. As long as you don’t know who you are, you will believe the lies of this world and what it wants you to be, the limitations it places upon you. When you operate in your persona, you are free; you are in the truth of who you are. Being who you really are. If you don’t give your heart to God, you will not see the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light – not other Christians. Other Christians are still people and they still make mistakes. You are actually the person that will disappoint yourself the most but there’s a person that will never disappoint you because He never changes, He’s eternal and perfect love, He is Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter who’s the president, Jesus Christ is still and always will be the King. 
When God says stuff it happens. God is not to be played with or mocked. Take responsibility for your life. Use what God has given you to its full potential – each person must work out their own salvation based on what’s been given to them. Knowing who you are will give you permission to overcome your perceived limitations. The earth needs to feel the weight of the purpose that God has created you for. But we often walk around like defeated sheep with the weight of the world on our shoulders.
Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Know who you truly are and achieve your full potential.



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