Cave Sessions

December 22, 2017


1 Samuel 22

The Story of David

Does David become a king after being anointed? No he goes back to tending sheep. After killing Goliath does he become king? No he goes back to tending sheep. He had to prove himself faithful with his father’s sheep before God’s sheep.

Saul finds out about David’s anointing as king, David hides in a cave. That’s when David became king, four hundred men who were discontent rallied around him. Was David perfect? No not by any means. He loved his people and was loyal to them, they became his mighty men.

You might find yourself in a cave of your life. Don’t despise your cave sessions, you might miss who you are to become. Don’t have the wrong attitude in your heart. Any cave sessions is an opportunity to prove your integrity. What happens when you squeeze an orange? Orange juice comes out. What happens when you squeeze a Christian, doesn’t Christ come out? If not then you’re not done with your cave session yet. You cannot move on with your life. Change your thinking about the cave session.

What is the motivation of your heart?  No one is perfect, we have tried to be ourselves, and it’s not about being ourselves. Why would we need God? It’s about relationship, I need other people and you need other people. How can I represent South Africa at the Olympic Games, when I know nothing about my country?

You can either live or survive, the one is filled with humility and submission and the other with pride and arrogance. If you are not humble, as soon as you are asked to do something you don’t agree with then we are squeezed. Are you humble or don’t you know yet? When we get into that position we must do something we don’t like, then we find out!

What the heart is full of the mouth speaks. If you are angry & complaining don’t tell me you are humble! Are you content with where you are at?

Mathew 5:8 “The pure in heart are blessed for they will see God.”

That means the impure in heart will not see God

The pure in heart will see purities in everything, and the impure in heart will see impurities in everything. Their cave session (difficulty) is the catalyst for their intimacy with God. James says we should consider our trials pure Joy. Are you Joyful or are you Happy? Joy is complete and happiness depends on your happenings. I need to embrace my cave sessions. Don’t sin in your anger or it will sway your heart! Proverbs 4:23 Above all else guard your heart!

Is your past bigger than God? NO. Have you made it bigger? YES many times.

Intimacy is not sex or some form of physical contact. This is falseness, we believe the lie.  There is none of that with God; we don’t know how to be intimate.

Step1 to intimacy - We listen to what he (God) says – Listen to the Holy Spirit – grow your intimacy. Listen to the small still voice. How much have you allowed God to be intimate? That’s what it’s about Does God know you? Have you allowed God to get to know you? People these days are lovers of pleasure rather than God. Lovers of the blessings and the rewards but not the relationship. Lovers of the hand rather than the heart of God. If they don’t get the hand then they resort back to pleasure.

If God functions with relationship then we too function with relationship. Stop seeking pleasure above relationship. Take yourself off the throne and let the right full King sit there.

James 3:13 who is wise and has understanding among you? He should show his works by good conduct with wisdom's gentleness.

If I have selfish ambition in my heart, it is demonic. You are gambling with the relationship to please yourself is it worth it?

We are in a place in this cave where we can prove our integrity. He is with us where ever we go, how involved he is in your life, you determine!

The motive of our heart has to change. If your motive is me first then you have missed it! Put God first! Check the motives of your heart.


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